Studie zur Vorbeugung von
Darmpolypen mit Grüntee-Extrakt

Patient information and allocation

Informed consent is obtained after written and oral information by a study physician prior to inclusion into the study. The potential participants must fully understand all possible implications of the study, and all their questions must be answered sufficiently. After written informed consent, participants will be included into the one month run-in period where all participants receive 2 × 150 mg EGCG daily over 4 weeks. At study inclusion and after this period, liver enzymes (AST, ALT, bilirubin) will be checked and patients who either have more than 20 capsules (out of 64) left or have elevated liver enzymes of more than 2.5-fold of the upper normal value will be excluded from the study.

After the one month run-in period with ECGC, patients will be assessed and randomized to either the intervention group, which will receive green tea extract containing 300 mg EGCG per day, or to the control group, which will receive a placebo capsule twice daily.

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